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11 years ago

Print/Email Pay slips: Allow for PDF creation



I would like to have the ability to save a pay slip as a PDF as I do not send the payslip via email to employees from the MYOB platform.  All payslips are saved to my CutePDF printer and emailed at a later time. 


Saving to the Cute PDF printer is time comsuming and fiddly.


MYOB >> please enable this as you do with reports (export to PDF).


anyone else have this issue?




"Pay Slips as PDF's"


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    Hi Everyone

    PDFs of payslips can be obtained through the AccountRight Browser interface for an employee's pay via Payroll>>Pay runs>>Select the appropriate pay run and select View PDF.

    Please note: If you are using the AccountRight Desktop, using a PDF printer would be the recommendation.

  • I too would like to see this implemented please. Before now I would use CutePDF to "Print" the pay slip until recently when I've upgraded to Win 10 and now have blurry PDFs that look very unprofessional. Apparently this is a common problem with Windows 10 so if you could just change how pay slips are "saved" it would be much appreciated, thank you.

  • In previous verisons of Accountright when running a payroll and you selected print payslips, you could select print to PDF from the print screen, they would then go to a single file which could be saved and sent to clients as a single file for payslips for that week 

    Now each payslip creates a new pdf which is time consuming and cumbersome, clients do not want 10 or 20 pdf files for a single pay run.

    MYOB please fix this and bring back the previous option. 

    Clients are not happy with the new version as it no only has too many files it also takes much longer to produce payslips and therefore is costing them more.

    Emailing to employees is not an option for many clients as they like to see the payslips prior to issuing to staff.

  • This advice is really great. It will be helpful for MYOB users to creat the PDF file for staff payslip. MYOB should consider this idea and hopefully it can happen in the near future.

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    It would be good to have a password attached as well when emailing pay slips - better security when being received

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    Thank you for your post, @KarenE. I understand you would like a 'Send to Disk' / 'Export to PDfF' type option for Payslips, rather than choosing the Print option and printing to a PDF printer. We request others who would like to see this change to please vote and comment.
  • Thanks for your feedback JellyBean21 


    Please make sure you add your vote by clicking the purple +Vote icon next to the name of this idea.


    All the best,

    Jason Hill
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  • Yes, I would definitely like to see this feature as an option in MYOB too!