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6 months ago

Remove Emergency Contact Info from Payroll Advice Report

Can you please remove the Emergency Contact Details from the Payroll Advice Report.  The report is sent to 3rd parties (WorkCover QLD for example) and should not include Emergency Contact Details.


The Emergency Contact Details are automatically loaded into the Notes on the employees Card File when Onboarding has been completed.  I believe Emergency Contacts should have their own section, not just shoved into notes.  And why is the Payroll Advice Report reading the Notes section on the Card File anyway?


This issue is in breach of privacy legislation and the solution given of exporting to excel, removing emergency contact details, then re-pdf to send is cumbersome.


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    Hi, MelK1


    Thanks for your post.


    We completely understand your concern about including emergency contact details in the payroll advice report. We truly empathize with the frustration this is causing and appreciate you bringing it to our attention. We want to assure you that we take your feedback seriously.


    We know that exporting the report to Excel and removing the emergency contact is not the solution or workaround you are looking for. Since we don't have any updates yet from the relevant team on when this will be fixed, we recommend exporting the report in the meantime.


    Best regards,