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12 years ago

Report: Job Profit & Loss Statement - MTD, Lifetime columns

Each month, I print the "Job Profit & Loss report", export to excel, filter, insert pivot tables and run v-look-ups to give me a single line report for each job number, that gives me  MTD, YTD & Job-To-Date; "Revenue, Costs of Sales, Expenses, Other Inc, Other Exp and Nett Profit", which is time consuming but is essential for the month end revenue and cost accrual process and reporting the month end financial results to management. Is there the possibility that a new report could being added MYOB Enterprise?


"Job Profit & Loss Report - Single line status of jobs - Month-to-Date, Year-To-Date & Job-to-Date"

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  • Hi Michael


    I don't know how long MYOB will take to give you the report you want but if you're looking for something sooner, have a look at the Cost Centre Budget Summary Report in our Calxa Premier. By default in includes budget information as well as actuals but you could customise it to remove the budget columns. There's a free trial at www.calxa.com.au/freetrial