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11 years ago

Report: Job Transactions [Accrual] - Allocation memo column

 Please  add  ALLOCATED MEMOs  to HIDE/SHOW   box  in  REPORTS - JOB-Transactions.  This was a feature in 19.9  but has been omitted from 2013.2.   This is a feature that is required by our company.   Because it is missing I now have to revert back to 19.9  and redo  3 weeks work.......Not happy.


"Detailed Job Report"


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    Barry_C, Steven_M or anyone else at MYOB.


    There has been no response or update from MYOB in regards to this request since June 2016 that I can see.


    Could we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get this fixed. The "work around" Job Activity [Detail] report is really not cutting it for larger jobs since it is broken up into general ledger account groups. If the allocation memo can't be added back to the Job Transactions report as a selectable field, perhaps the Job Activity [Detail] Report could be modified to include an option to "combine all ledger accounts" or something... Exporting to excel and deleting unnecessary lines is also time-consuming and annoying.


    The data is all there. Surely this is simply a "tick" to include this information or link to that table? If not, could you please explain the reasoning behind this option being left out in the so-called "upgrade" to cloud-based AccountRight, if it was in fact a conscious decision by the developers?


    I know we are far from being your biggest or most important client, but I would really appreciate it if the current software bugs and features could be fixed before you invest time and money developing new features. Except emailing receipts - please feel free to implement that as soon as humanly possible.


    Another end of financial year is approaching. After being a MYOB user for over 20 years, I'm not in a hurry to change but with Xero recently introducing job/project tracking, maybe it's time to revisit our pros and cons list comparing Xero and MYOB.

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    Previously the Allocation Memo column was available in the "Job Transactions [Accrual]" report.  When we upgraded to the online version we were not told that some features would no longer be available.  Had we known we would not have upgraded.  The Allocation Memo column is critical to our company and needs to be reinstated ASAP. 

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    Totally agree, this needs to be fixed ASAP.  If we had known that this feature was no longer available we would never have moved across to the cloud based MYOB.  When you upgrade a product you do not expect to lose functionality.  

    We also will be looking into Xero as an option going forward.   

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    I agree.


    The amount of time that not having this simple option wastes for me every month is frustrating.


    A reply from MYOB would be very much appreciated.


    Kind regards



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    What do we need to do to have this fix included in the next update? Because it really is a fix and not an enhancement. Do you take bribes? :) Some weeks it feels like every day there's another reason we should have stuck with classic or moved to a different program instead of "upgrading" to accountright.


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    Journal entries with memo information on right hand side not showing up in the job costing like they did in Version 19 Premier

  • Would love to be able to see in reports (specifically Job Transaction (accural) report) the information from memos for credit card purchases. At the moment its currently blank and adding it manually doesnt put the information into the report. 

  • Please add the MEMO description to the job transaction report printout. The report is meaningless without any description.  At the moment I have to screenshot each page, which is not very professional particularly if doing a presentation.

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    Pretty sure it's never going to happen... :smileysad:

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    Not having the Allocation memo field fpr Job Transaction Reporting is most frustrating.  Especially when wanting to provide busy volunteer committee members with information regarding the entity's fundraising.


    Please reinstate it.