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12 years ago

Report: Profit & Loss - Calendar year based report

My Employer is wanting calander year profit and loss multi period spreadsheet, it would be realy handy as I would not have to export 2 lots of six months Jan-June, July-Dec to excel.


"Calander year report"


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    Hi Everyone

    The Profit & loss report in the AccountRight browser interface will allow the user to run the report on a calendar basis. This is even if you are in a different financial year format (July to June).

  • Is this simple feature really hard to add to MYOB? And we have to pay $12.00 just because MYOB lock the date??

  • I think this would be great. Any developments in the 9 years since this was suggested?

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    I agree!!  Calendar year reporting would be so helpful for running multi-period reports.  This time of the year is so frustrating not being able to use historic information prior to July...

  • It would be great to have the option calender year & finacial year purely for reporting P&L either way direct from MYOB as I have clients that require both styles of reporting.

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    More options and flexibility for your reports is something that we're happy to look into adding in the future, its great to see some votes and comments already from the community on this to show their support. Please remember to keep voting. As Michael_Fox has said, currently there are advances reporting packs available at http://myob.com.au/addons/
  • Yes, Calendar year, or infact any period reports, is often more useful rather than just being stuck within a financial year. And not just PNL. The reports need to relate to the industry the business is in, not just the financial year of when the report is generated. We have been waiting for this feature for a long time and we expected that MYOB would have pulled their socks up and provided it with the latest versions. Other software such as Xero have this feature, so why wouldn't MYOB do the same.


    I would like to encourage someone at MYOB to look at this and implement this earlier rather than later.



    John McGill

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    Hi Michelle, 

    If you are needing to create this report and other non standard reports often you may like to consider looking at getting one of the MYOB Add-on Software Solutions, see http://myob.com.au/business/products/third-party-add-on-solutions-1258090781570,


    Our Software, BI for MYOB comes with over 50 predefined reports from your MYOB data, with the Professional version you can change any of the report  dates and resave as a new Favourite, you can also export any report to Excel.

    So for you you could run our Monthly P&L Pivot report, change the dates to the Calender period and Save as a Monthly P&L - Calander year.  

    All reports are accessible from a Browser login, so your boss could just login to BI for MYOB themself and open the report from their Dashboard page. Saving you even more time!


    Depending on what your business is you may also be interested in the other reports that all come as part of the software. This include a variety of Item sales reports, customer and margin reports also Job reports, Inventory reports, Aged Debtors and Aged Payables.


    Full details including pricing, demo videos and an online demonstration that lets you try it are on our website  http://www.interactivereporting.com/biformyob.html.

    If we can help please let us know.

    Michael Fox

    02 8912 4110