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12 years ago

Report: Session Security Audit - Time zone

Currently the above report displays session times at UTC.  It would be great if the user can specify the time zone for which the report is generated for.


If the user can't specify the time zone then at least default it to AEST.  Without knowing the exact numbers but I hazard a guess that majority of AccountRight Live users are in this time zone.


Having to always work out when a user logged on is rather time consuming.


"Changing time zone for Session Security Audit Report"


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    Hello CTL 

    The security report shows logon or logout events for the file. If the software doesn't close correctly it won't show a logout event. Also, when re-entering the file it will show a logon without showing a previous logout. Has your software closed due to an error or problem? Has your computer shut or been switched off with AccountRight still running?

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    Hi Liam

    I took the file offline yesterday for about half an hour to back up prior to importing payroll.  Other than that, there were no disconnections.  Another staff member was working at a different location with the online file and her sessions reports are quite alarming.  It shows that she was logged on for only 16 hours last month when I have definite proof that the month's worth of work she completed could not have possibly been squeezed into two days.


    It's making it very difficult to justify the admin workload to the owners of the company if I can't provide accurate reports of what we do on a daily basis. 

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    Migrated to AR from Premier v19 yesterday and am astounded at the Session Report. To have renamed it a "Security" Journal is laughable since being confined to GMT it is useless as an Audit tool as all work done this morning before 10am is thought by the system to have been done yesterday. We will have to always run the daily session rpt using a "from" date of yesterday. Any auditor worth their salt will be horrified.  Bring on an urgent upgrade to allow choice of local Time Zone PLEASE!!!

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    Are we any further along with this request - this was first posted back in 2013!

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    Thank you for your feedback BCT  and jenniek  


    Currently we do not have an update on this idea, as soon as we know anything we will change this status and post on the forum. 


    In the meantime keep voting and leaving comments.