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11 years ago

Reports: Grand Total on Superannuation reports

Could we get a "Total of All Funds", "Total of all Categories" etc field in the Superannuation Reports? So that it shows the total amount of the payment that will be required? I realise this figure is available on other reports, but it would be a useful option to have on all of them.


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    I agree totally that these reports need to have the grand total.  It seems ridiculous that we don't have a report that gives us a total of all the super that's payable in the specified period. Now that we have to make the payment to a clearing house or via myob Pay Super, we really need to have a report that we can check against to get the total amount.


    I usually get the information from the Expenses column in the Activity Summary Report however i then have to add in the Deductions column as well as some employees pay super after tax. The same goes with the payroll summary - you have to add both amounts together.  


    Is there another report that i'm missing?


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    Guys this is such a simple thing! Why not just do it?


  • can anyone please tell how to print the direct superannuation payment with all the payment details on it very fustrating , have spoke to 3 myob consultants and they can not help 

    you can print any other remiitance or payment up , why is it so hard to find ?????????????????

  • Status changed:
    Coming Soon

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea

    I'm pleased to announce we are looking into ways to add a grand total on the superannuation reports.


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    I work in the construction industry and we are expected to provide reports as proof that we have paid our super on time.  Is it possible to get a summary report with a grand total that we could use for this purpose?  I don't want to send the current 7 page document that has all our employee's private information on it.  We just need a simple report with the total Superannuation paid for each employee and their fund name for each month and a grand total at the end please.

  • Status changed:
    Coming Soon

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you for your showing your support for this idea.


    I'm pleased to announce that with the release of AccountRight 2017.2 the following superannuation reports will include a grand total:

    • Accrual by Category
    • Accrual by Fund Summary
    • Employee Advice Summary

    You can find out more information about this change and other changes, including information on obtaining AccountRight 2017.2 on AccountRight 2017.2 now available.