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12 years ago

Sales: Electronic refund option for customers

Something that has been requested at at least 3 yearly MYOB get togethers I have been to, and still not initiated.


With more and more people using electronic banking, why can we not pay a Customer a refund electronically?  Instead we have to load up our database with unnecessary.Supplier Cards in order to do the transaction.  What a waste of time, energy and bytes.


"Electronic refunds for Customers"


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    We are a Welfare organisation and have set up all our beneficiaries (200) as Customers.

    Twice a year (Winter & Christmas) we pay each beneficiary a subsidy. Until this year, these payments have always been made by a physical cheque.  We have now made the decision to pay these subsidies by direct deposit into their bank account (ie as an electronic payment). 


    I have now discovered that we are unable to create an electronic payment to Customers.  As we have 200 beneficiaries, I do not want to create a new Supplier card for each person.


    We would appreciate it if you would either allow electronic payments to be made to Customers or introduce the ability to for a card to be marked as both a Customer & a Supplier.  We note that MYOB Essentials allows Cards to be marked as both Customer & Supplier.



  • I agree - something needs to be implemented for electronic refunds.


    What about creating an option of 'Supplier & Customer' so that we only need one card just like MYOB Essentials.  You'd then have both the 'Buying Details' and 'Selling Details' tabs available.


    This also ensures that we have the correct contact details for these clients without needing to update two different cards.  It reduces a lot of human errors in the future.

  • Hi there WayneC,


    This feature is still currently being considered by the product development team. Given the popularity of the idea, it is a suggestion that has been marked as a priority, and we are hoping to see this implemented soon enough. We are hoping to receive an update on planned features and future updates from the product development team shortly - when any information regarding this feature is available, we will update the status accordingly.


    In the meantime, we highly encourage all clients who would like to see this implemented to vote for the idea by clicking on the '+VOTE' option next to the subject heading, and leave a comment as it does help our product development guage the demand for the ideas, and prioritize their work.





  • Hi Jaleana

    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and paying customers.

    I have merged your idea with this one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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    i too would like to be able to electronically refund a customer. Seems like a basic function to me.

  • Why must we clutter suppliers by putting customers in there only to make a small refund ?

    Why does this problem date back years ?