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10 years ago

Sales: Highlight previous customer for overtyping to new customer

I would like to suggest that when in an invoice/quote and deciding to change the client name, in the old version of MYOB you used to imply click the box and start typing as it would highlight the name automatically.  If you do this in the new MYOB, it simply adds it to the name already there.  If you want to start a new client you have to manually hold down and delete the old name, and then this leaves you with no drop down menu for clients.  We have a lot of clients with the same last name  so this can be a shot in the dark as to whether you are getting the right one or not!  most times you have to go out and completely start over again.


"Client Box Overtyping Suggestion"


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     Thanks for the suggestion. Anyone who would like to be able to easily overtype the customer field when entering an invoice and still have the full list of customers visible, please cast your vote here.