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12 years ago

Sales: Tax Inclusive checkbox prompts an alert when changed

We have had some problems in the past with staff 'accidentally' checking the Tax Inclusive checkbox when typing a Sales Invoice, that has then gone unnoticed.  The boss is not happy (as you can imagine) when this happens.


Is there a way that we could have an 'alert' that this has been checked to remind staff.  This could then be a option to have this alert turned on in the Setup - Preferences section


"Tax inclusive checkbox"

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  • Is this something that anyone at MYOB has considered?  It's a drama for us also and there are times when the Tax Inclusive checkbox "appears" to have flagged itself "on" when we operate with it "off" - as a general rule.


    I can't imagine it's that difficult to have an alert comes up when it's ticked "on" with the option to manage this in preferences - as per the original idea above!


    What needs to happen for this to be looked at?