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11 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Ability to set default tax inclusive check box preference

When you create a new quotation or invoice, the Tax Inclusive checkbox is 'remembered' from the previous transaction.  I would like configuration so that all new invoices/quotations have the checkbox ticked or unticked according to the configuration setting.  This means that each business could control the setting according to their business requirements.


In our personal business situation, industry standard for our commercial work is typically GST exclusive whereas our domestic stream of work is typically GST inclusive.  We have had a couple of occasions now where the GST checkbox was 'remembered' from the last quotation (that was GST inclusive) and as a consequence a quotation that should have had 10% added for GST was not added because it was not noticed that the checkbox was on.  This of course can be the difference between making a profit or a loss.