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10 years ago

Sales/Purchases: Changing the card listed on a recorded sale/purchase

It would be super helpful if we could change the customer card on an invoice once it's been recorded! I understand why we can't change the name once a payment has been applied to it, but in the meantime it would be great to change the customer card if required. Thanks!


"Changing Customer on an existing invoice"


  • Hi AdelKerb1


    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight.

    I've  merged your idea with this similar one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

    Also I would recommend taking a look at Help Article: Changing a transaction in particular the FAQ "How do I change the card on a recorded sale or purchase?" which describes the process involved in the current version of the software.

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    It would be great to be able to easily change customers in the event an invoice has been raised to the wrong customer or purchase order to the wrong supplier without the need to delete and start again.


    The save as recurring work around takes too much time especially if you need to quickly email an amended invoice while the customer/supplier is on the phone. Really don't understand why we don't have this option already. Please consider implementing this as it would be a big timesaver.



  • It would be perferable to be able to just change the creditor or customer name, even the work around is laborious!  I don't understand why you can't do this?

  • I have a series of invoices that have been issued to one contact


    they require us to resend to different contact details for each invoice


    is there a way to create a new customer card and just change the client rather than having to reissue/delete etc




  • It would be great to have the flexibility to amend a supplier name at Supplier order stage. Example: An order is raised to ABC Pty Ltd and sent the supplier. When the invoice arrives, we notice the supplier name was actually XYZ Pty Ltd and we confirm with the supplier the change is correct. In AccountRight we open the order, but the Supplier name in the order is Grey in colour and cannot be amended. All other details in the order are to remain the same, except for the supplier name. If we could have the ability to change the supplier name from ABC Pty Ltd to XYZ Pty Ltd, and leave all other details the same, this would make it a lot easier to process the invoice. If you like this idea, please like this post, and hopefully this can be included in the next AccountRight update :)
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    Yep totally agree it's a pain to have to delete the incorrect invoice and then retype it all over again to the correct card

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    I totally agree, we all want this feature asap

  • Can myob look into making invoicing easier as it used to be prior to the upgrade?


    Its added so much extra workload having to export etc, instead of it all being easy to access as before i.e printing and emailing icon on the same page.


    Also, now you cant change a customer on an invoice once its saved without deleting the invoice, again this is an inconvienience and it used to be a function but with the upgrade it has been changed.


    Also, why is there im not a robot feature at the bottom of each invoice, again just taking up extra unneccessary time.