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12 years ago

Transfer Money: Warning when one side of transaction has been reconciled

Do you think we could finally get a warning on a transfer money transaction if it has been reconciled on any side.


It would be even better if the warning could say which side has been reconciled and if the entry could be changeable.


I have a few clients who have a number of cheque accounts and credit cards and they may usually transfer money from Chq a/c 1 to credit card 1, 2,3 or 4 but sometimes may transfer it from chq a/c 2.


The entry gets reconciled on the credit card side, because it has appeared on the statement but then when they reconcile chq a/c 1 they have an entry sitting there that is not needed, so they drill down, get no warning and think they can delete it, not knowing it has been reconciled on the credit card side. 


If they had the warning they may not (here's hoping)  have done this, if the warning told them it was reconciled on the credit card side (there would be more hope that they wouldn't ignore it) and if they had the ability to know what side was reconciled as well as being able to change the account the money came from to Chq a/c 2, even better.


"Reconciled warning"


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    Hello Julie ,


    I always advise clients not to use the  transfer  money function for the reasons that you list _ not being able to change transaction or getting a reconciliation warning .


    I tell them to always use spend or receive money with the opposite account in the allocation.





  • Status changed:
    That's a great idea, and it's had a few votes, but needs some more. I checked with the dev team and while bankfeeds on both accounts would certainly mean it gets matched and thus reconciled quicker, we don't warn on delete. Good pick up!
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    For this reason, I have generally steered-clear of using Transfer Money to handle payments to credit card accounts.