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3 years ago

Bank transactions: Show invoice number if matched to single invoice

When you match a transaction to an invoice it always used to say on the bank feed what invoice number the transaction was allocated to, now however, in the new system, it gives it a random CR code number which you have to click on and a pop up window comes out which then tells you which invoice this has been allocated to. This to seem seems like an extra unneccesary step that leads to confusion. Please can you rever tthis to the old system which is much clearer. 

"Banking Transactions"


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    Hi 4Annette 

    Thanks for letting us know that your problem is now resolved. Feel free to post again and one of us will be happy to help.


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    Hi, 4Annette 


    Thanks for your post.


    When looking for the CR number, you can go to Banking > Find transactions > Transactions tab > You can change the Period, Date from, Date to and Source journal. Once done, you may now search for the CR number.


    Please let me know if you require any further assistance.


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    I have been asking this question for months, and still no satisfying answer..... My current problem is how do you search for a CR number..... 

    MYOB are determined to maintain the CR number as all you can see in the match/allocate column of the bank transactions tab, but you cannot search for a CR number anywhere it seems.... I have a transaction payment that is coming up that I unallocated but the payment has remained. I know the CR number but cannot find it in a search. Any ideas where to look?

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    Totally agree, invoice number provides instant information the CR number tells you nothing, except you need to complete another 3 clicks to really find what you want to know

  • Agreed when matching bank allocations why don't you see the Inv # so that you can match payment to the right invoice