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11 years ago

Bank transactions: Tabbing through entry of transaction


Live accounts seems to be purely mouse controlled. It is very difficult (in fact, impossible) to use the keyboard when, for example, allocating bank transactions or recording data within spend/receive money and general journals.


It would be infinitely easier to be able to TAB through the bank feeds, allocating account names and then TABing to the next line. The TAB key could skip between the 'Description' and then the 'Allocate or Match' and then the 'GST' fields.


The same sort of function should be made available within the spend/receive money and general journal entries. It would be so much simpler to TAB through all the required fields, entering data as you go with the final TAB taking the user to 'Save' where upon the user can simply press the 'Enter' key.


An Ideas Exchange posting by username 'DavidST' back in August 2011 made a similar request. The status of the idea was 'planned':


"Keyboard use in live accounts"


  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Using the Bank Transactions window a user can use the Tab key and the keyboard to allocate a transaction using the Bank Transactions window. The arrow to expand the transaction so you can allocate the transaction can be actioned via the Enter key.

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    Hi KRS,


    Thank you for your vote on this idea, we can definitely see the benefit of having more keyboard control in Essentials Accounting. The number of votes an idea receives would help our developers to identify the demand and prioritise their work, the more votes it receive the better chance it will get to be added. 


    When we have more details on this idea, we will update the status accordingly to let you know. 

  • 2 years on and the feedback has not been implemented. So glad that we only have 2 clients on MYOB now. 

  • I agree wholeheartly with JP18


    For bookkeepers and accountants who have various clients using both MYOB Accounting systems, we're used to useing TAB to move through ALL areas of each screen.  LiveAccounts won't allow us to TAB through everything.  There are a lot of other programs which allow keyboard controls without forcing users to purely use the mouse - especially those with data entry.  


    The Journal entry screen needs to have the TAB functionality available in the area which has the most tiem spent in it - the one where you allocate accounts and amounts in the Debit/Credit column.  This section does not support the TAB function and it doubles our time processing journal entries when we need to use the mouse to move from each box. Most journal entries have 3+ transactions and using a mouse to navigate through it isn't user friendly.  


    If the General Journal entry screen is meant to have the TAB function working within every section  then its not working.


    Imagine that you're building a database in Excel and Microsoft changed it so that the only way to move between cells is with your mouse - no keyboard control at all (moving to mouse back to keyboard back to mouse etc every couple of seconds).  It would be a very frustrating exercise especially when you are used to using your keyboard controls.  That's what the General Journal is like to us now.


    Please fix this.

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    Hi Matthew_W,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I can get the TAB function to work in Spend Money.

    However, in receive money, the cursor disappears after TABing past the 'tax inclusive' field.

    In journals, the cursor disappears after the 'notes' field.

    Thank you.

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your feedback, adding formatting so you can tab through your Bank Feeds is something that we could look into adding in a future update. I do just want to confirm though that the option to tab through fields when recording transactions, such as spend money and journals, is already in the product and is working correctly.