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9 years ago

Contacts: Multiple contact names

I think many businesses may benefit from having multiple contacts (e.g. primary AND secondary etc.) within a business contact. It would be useful to be able to store multiple contact details particularly phone numbers and email addresses. 


In addition to this, MYOB may then require you to select the appropiate email address/es when sending quotes or invoices, or give you the option to add an email that is not listed in the contact file, just as they do now. 


"Multiple individual contacts within a business contact"


  • Why is the contact in essentials called 'primary contact' if they are the only contact? Sometimes we can have multiple contacts from one business so would be great to be able to choose which contact is addressed on the invoice or in the email

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    Issue: We have many large clients where there will be a number of "Primary Contacts", not just one, depending on the job.


    Proposed solution: Allow the addition of up to 10 Primary Contacts under each Business Contact, which then can be drop menu selected when creating invoice.

  • To the MYOB developers:

    I have some experiance in Software Engineering and Architecture.

    Yes, that is hard to do. You have to change the structure on that part of the MYOB Data Base.

    Alow for a member in the Clas "CARD" to have undefined number of "Contact Person". Someting like what you have as a pull down "Location:" named "Address 1..5" but in that case the user have to be able to define undefined number of new members in the pool down menue with custom name. The user have to beable to define names as for example: "Purshasing Officer, Accounts Payeble Officer, Project Leader, ..." with all of the Card Fields that you alredy have "Phone No. 1, Phone No. 1.. down to Contact:".

  • I work with large organisations with multiple clients within the company and have to create a new customer profile each time for the same company just so i can have a different contact person. Please change it so you can add and choose from multiple contacts to send invoices to. Thankyou.

  • Please bring the ability to change the customer contact when you have converted the quote to an invoice. Quotes contact is different to accounts contact. Otherwise, the comment from Amanda Esnaola suggestion of multiple indiviual contacts within a business contact is also a good idea.


    With the new update, it is now very cumbersome and time consuming to create a new invoice to the new contact person.