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7 years ago

Create journal entry: Standing/repeat/reversal journal entry

we often use a standing journals, or a repeating journals and or Reversal journals, can this please be looked at for development in essentials.


"Standing Journals, repeating Journals, and Reversal Journals"


  • For some reason you can't copy old journals (copy function available in QBO), or have re-occuring journals like you do in the old MYOB. 

    For some reason MYOB have decided accountants don't use Essentials and therefore the journal area is ok to be terrible.

    There excuse is 'well you should upgrade to the other MYOB', answer being you can't, because once you sign up to essentials, you can't get your data back out again (you can export transaciton by transaction but good luck getting it back into another software). 

    So if you could please upgrade the journal area it would be highly appreciated.

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      AS  we migrated our Banklink clients to connected ledger i believe we should have the same functionality as we had in Banklink

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      Agree totally. You can copy Sales & Purchase invoices. I can see no reason why MYOB cannot do this for journals. Save heaps of time as I have to do a number of recurring journals per month for many clients.

  • MYOB Essentials. Please create an ability to copy and use a journal like purchases and sales. Also ability to have recurring journals for depreciation etc.

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      I second this request, I have to post a 20 line standing journal every month which is very irritating and time consuming.

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      We relied on recurring journals in AccountRight. We've just migrated to Essentials, and I've just realised that it does not allow for saved/recurring journals. I'm seriously considering switch accounting software - PLEASE make this a feature on Essentials. 

  • Please can an IT job be logged for this issue? Please can we have the facility to Copy journals that we have posted? Please can we have the facility to Reverse journals that we have posted? Thank you :-)
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      This would be so useful being able to create reversing journals and I can't understand why it isn't available already.

  • It would be fantastic to be able to do Standing Journals / Auto Reversing Journals in Esssentials

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    Its 2020 and still no reversing jnls?

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Recurring transactions have been added to the newer MYOB Essentials platform. This allows users to generate recurring/repeat transactions. 

    The functionality has also been extended to the Create journal entry window.

    Check out Recurring transactions for more information on this feature.

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    Hi , 

    so how do we do a reversing jnl, for each month, not the sme jnl, but creditors that need to be reversed each month ?