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2 years ago
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I want to switch back to the old MYOB

I was recently upgraded to the new MYOB and it should have had more testing before being rolled out to everyone. 

1. When creating a quote it uses the next invoice number. 

2. When the quote has been created invoices are no longer in order as you don't win all quotes. The old system had numbers starting with Q for quote and then when the button was pressed to create invoice from quote it would get the next available invoice number.

3. When you hit the button create invoice from quote it doesn't update the date to the current day and if you send it the invoice is overdue straight away.

4. To many unused coloums.

5. Coloum width too narrow and a lot of wasted space.

6. Support difficult to reach on the phone

7. Phone app doesnt always save quotes.

8. Computer have to have items from inventory. cant have random text like before. 

9. Can't change the order of the line items in the quote if you want to rearrange some items. 


To be honest I am pretty dissapointed in the new product. I want to go back to the old one.