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2 years ago

IN Tray - link to spend money entry

Is there any way that you can add an option in the in tray to link invoices/receipts ect to spend money transaction instead of only limiting it to only link to existing bills.


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    Hi Sarinabek ,

    I am using account right and there is a button down at the bottom left of the in tray to toggle between spend money and create a bill to link documents.  Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you're meaning? 


    The other option is to open the spend money transaction once it has been created and click on the "attached documents" button and drop the PDF straight in.  This means bypassing the in tray completely.


    I hope this helps, all the best!

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    Hi Sarinabek 


    Thank you for your post.


    At the moment, you can only link in tray documents/files to an existing bills. However, you can attach the intray document/files to an existing spend money transactions. 


    This Help Article has more detailed information: Attaching documents to spend money transactions


    As we valued and appreciate your suggestions/feedback. I'll relay this to the relevant team. It would be a great idea to include an existing spend money transaction as an option to link with. I would also suggest to post your Ideas to our Product Ideas board for our developers to see and for others to vote for this feature.


    Please feel free to post again I'm happy to assist.


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