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9 years ago

Invoices: Enter address ship to/site address on Invoice window

I would like to suggest that in Live Essentials you have the option to change the shipping address for a client whilst creating an invoice like you can in Account Right. I used to be on Account Right but moved to an Ipad so I can only run Live Essentials on it thats why I can't go back to Account Right. At present to change the shipping address you need to modify the clients details each and everytime before you create the invoice. Its a big time waster

"Option to enter a shipping address whilst invoice is being created."


  • I was wondering if it is possible to add another box to the top of the create invoice screen (under Customer details) so you can enter the SITE address if different to the Customer details otherwise the SITE address can be suppressed from the invoice. If the SITE address is entered then MYOB also provides the ability to search  invoices raised based either on SITE street or suburbs. For example customer may be Ray White real estate but site address might be XX Church St Parramatta 2150 or XX Victoria Rd Parramatta 2150.

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      I second this idea! There would be many different businesses that would need a site address on their invoices. No good putting in the notes of the invoice, the address needs to be at the top. And no good changing the billing address each time, too much time wasted...

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      I agree. I have been very happy with MYOB but this is proving to be a deal breaker for me.

      It seems that it would be such a basic yet sensible option for users who carry out work for real estates - property/strata & facilities managers.

      The client remains the same, however it would be ideal if the property address and email address could be edited whilst on the create invoice page.

      It would be so much more effective than having to create a new contact every time an invoice is generated for the same customer!

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    I have the same requirement.
    I have customers that have multiple job sites happening all at once, and invoices are issued per job site for each customer.
    Other than the notes section (which they don't see), I have no way of displaying which job site is which - and the order number field is too short for this use.


    As a new customer converting to MYOB and Essentials from Reckon, I'm having difficulty adjusting to the constraints and limited options offered as my customers are used to a certian level of documentation. MYOB seems to be falling short in what is possible. 

  • Like in Account Edge I would like to be able to change the delivery address from within the invoice. When processing an order for a customer they may ask for goods to be sent to an alternative address. In Account Edge I was able to delete the current address and type in whatever I wanted to. Make the address that comes up automatically for the customer in a text box that can be modified.
  • Hi, we work with defence housing and insurance companies that require the "job address" on invoices - is there any way of including this on invoices?  I was using AccountEdge up until last month when our computer crashed and decided to go to Essentials so that we don't lose any data again but this has caused problems with invoicing as we can't include a job address (which changes with each and every job)!  Please help!

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    Even a manualy editable field, would do. Putting a shipping address in the note section is fairly useless.

  • I do work for a lot of stratas and they have a lot of different strata numbers and sites, every time i want to issue and invoice i need to enter the shipping address again, it would be great if a field is created for multiple shipping address for the same customer, because if i need to send a reminder of payment i have reenter the original shipping address for that invoice, it would be realy great if it can happen it will save time and it will be very convinient.

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    just making a comment to "refresh" this idea - it is crazy that in Business / Essentials we cannot change the shipping address for an invoice "on the fly" . . .   I am really trying to make a go of MYOB for Business, but it's silly things like this that take extra time and make it inefficient to use.

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    A seperate shipping adress field would be very welcome and should have been there from the start.