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3 years ago

Invoices: Quick print (not need to product PDF first)

After the upgrade on Essentials it has become quite a process just to print an invoice.

Before the upgrade we had a print button on the create invoice page which was easy, now we need to "View PFD" then click on another link which takes us to an online invoice which then allows for printing. 

That is ridiculus. Then when you do print it, it has a "veiw your invoice online, click here to veiw on the printed version.

This is clearly a problem that needs to be fixed.




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    Quick print of invioces and other items has been on the board since Oct 21 - why are we still suffuring withthe cumbersome upgrade of Essentials in 2023.

    This should be fixed by now - and should not have goteen past the draft stage to start with.


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    Also, it's the same with everything, not just invoices. The pay Run is particularly frustrating. You have to go into the individual employees payslip and then print each one from PDF view. A nightmare if you have a lot of employees.

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    Yes please bring back the quick print button on invoices rather than this long winded PDF etc. This is way too time consuming and its taking forever to do my invoices :(

  • Please bring back the tick option that allowed me to send numerous invoices to one customer. My customer does not want to receive 17 seperate emails for invoices.

    Also it is not allowing me to view or download as PDF.

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      Please can you bring back printing multiple invoices. It is so time consuming with so many steps to now print an invoice, especially when you have many to print, compared to just ticking the invoices you wanted to print before the upgrade. This new way of printing invoices is definitely not an upgrade, it's a major step backwards - it slows procedures down so much