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9 years ago

Invoices: Sub-Headings, Sub-Totals and Blank lines

Hi All,


MYOB Essentials does not allow Sub-Headings, Sub-Totals and Blank lines in Invoices & Quotes - this is a massive oversight of basic functionality, and I would request it be added as soon as possible. Xero and QuickBooks Online have this feature.


Honestly, even lines that can just be filled with a description would be great - at present a line cannot be added to an invoice without a quantity, account and a price, and blank lines are removed when the Invoice/Quote is saved.


I would imagine these are fairly straight forward features to implement, and low hanging fruit to bring MYOB Essentials in line with it's direct competitors.


Thanks in advance.


"Sub-Headings, Sub-Totals and Blank lines in Invoices & Quotes"


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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows users to Insert blank lines within an invoice. This would be good to add in a heading or descriptive line, a manually calculated subtotal amount, or a blank line. To insert a blank line select the ellipsis for that line (far right) and select Insert blank line.

  • ITSM is right,

    having used myob for quite a while I find it frustrating to not be able to add subtotals / blank lines etc on qutoes and invoices.  There are times where a customer wants some idea of the basic price then extras added below.  The easiest way to do this is with a sub total without creating a 2nd quote.


    For notes I have created a note item that has no values just so i can type in the description box.

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    Could we please have an item that has no allocation so we can just have text on an item invoice 

  • Having used Account Edge/Right, there was the ability to include invoice subtotals, which lets the invoice show how much a particular group of fees costs.  This feature isnt available on Essentials and would be very handy feature to put in.

  • When sending invoices to clients it is generally required to tell the client on the invoice waht the title of the job is....  then provide a breakdown of costs underneath.  Currently there is no way of adding a "title" as such to an invoice. 


    At the moment every line of description has to be allocated to an account and also has to have to have an amount.


    Sure its fine to have the invoice title as the top line then just allocate it to the normal acccount and give a a "ZERO" amount to it, but not ideal.


    Im sure may professionals using the "SERVICES" layout would likethis feature.

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      we invoice on a project basis - and would love to be able to title the invoice according to the project we're invoicing for.


      Have asked for this feature before .. deaf ears so far.

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      Absolutely this would be a fantastic result if MYOB can create a line where you can put in the Job Name and Title. This is biggest issue that frustrates us with the invoice layout. 

  • Please add the ability for subtotals to be added to the invoice body. For example, have a few invoice lines, a subtotal, some more invoice lines, a subtotal, etc. I currently have to provide a separate spreadsheet showing the info my client wants to see.


    "Allow subtotals to be added to invoice"