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3 months ago

Myob Intray Autoprocessing

To apply in both AR Desktop and Browser

Intray need the ability for the Intray to automatically process accounts payable bills. Utilising the default expense account attached at the supplier level

Would request that a "Rules" based system be setup that enables bills from certain suppliers be automatically processed from the Intray, directly to the Bills/Accounts payable section.


  • This would be awesome!  Definitely need to be able to adjust as necessary though.  AR for instance, doesn't always recognise the supplier logo and will offer a different supplier name.  Doesn't always detect the invoice number (usually because the supplier inv might be a bit vague) and will often pick up account number instead.  So definitely need to be able to make adjustments before its recorded but if most info could drop in so just "approve" could be clicked, that'd be great!

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    Hi, melindaj . I voted to agree that this would be great for some supplier invoices. For example, one of my tradie clients buys parts from the same places each month and always codes to "Parts" always GST nothing changes.. similar to a bank rule really. It would be a time saver if they auto-processed. However, it is not fit for all supplier invoices, so if we could tick on or off per supplier card, that would be great.