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10 months ago

New MYOB setup is challenging, the old version was way better!

The following are key issues with the new system that the old one never had...


With bank transactions:

- Uploading receipts to tray used to always regester, now half of them can't be read and remain under processing.

- When trying to add a receipt to a bank transaction, you used to be able to just drop an attachment in, now you can only browse through your files for one or get one out of your tray.

- When trying to retrieve a receipt from tray it used to display them with receipts that match the same figure first, then the remaining following. Now it doesn't display matching first, and displays in date order, so you have to search down through all your receipts to find the one that matches the figure.

- Previously when inputing an account for a transaction, you would start typing one - like "vehicle" and all of your vehicle listings would show up in the drop down box to quickly ckick on the one you want, or you could just type in "expense" and scroll through about 8 different options at a time. Now the drop down box only displays one option for selection, so unless you type the full description in correctly it won't pop it up, and to search for it you struggle scrolling through with only one displayed option at a time.


For invoicing:

- The description box is way too narrow for typing in (with large font), with unnecessarily wide account and amount boxes. So when describing services undertaken it is hard to type in and list items, with only 6 words or so displaying per line.

- When emailing invoices the system is extremely slow, and takes ages to send the emails and even longer to regester and show that an invoice was actually sent. Where as previously it was done and displayed instantly.

- The old system used to pull off all my contacts 'first names' accurately for inputting into an automated invoice email. But when all my contacts transferred to the new system it didn't register names properly, and now each invoice email is most often selecting no first name for sending, or is picking up their entire name, or a random other selection. Where as the old system would always automatically insert the clients first name into the email with no problem.


Overall, the system is much slower and has lots of added unnecessary boxes and selections that aren't needed and never used. Where as the essentially ones needing to be used are hidden small among lots of other junk.

The system needs to run faster, with primary input boxes taking up primary space, and non essential additions to the side or in drop boxes. And needs way better user friendliness like the old had


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    Hi Conspirio,

    Thank you so much for your detailed post and my apologies for the late response.

    How did you attempt to upload these documents? Did you use the drag-and-drop method, the Capture App, the "Add a Document" feature, or did you email them to your In Tray, either from your own account or from suppliers? Please try another upload method to see if that resolves the issue. Additionally, clear the AccountRight cache and try uploading the documents again to eliminate any potential software anomalies: clear the AccountRight cache.

    Please keep in mind that you can only add documents that are up to 10MB in size and are in specific formats, including .PDF, .JPG, .JPEG, .TIFF, .TIF, and .PNG. If your document(s) do not meet these parameters, you may need to adjust their size or format to successfully complete the upload.

    Feel free to post again if you have further queries and one of us will be happy to assist you.

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    I would have to agree, I said the same in a previous post but you have worded this so much better. I am also having endless trouble uploading to the in tray. Not to mention the extra process now required to achieve a simple task, ie; no create invoice button on the home page but now 3x clicks of the mouse to start a simple action. Honestly, myob is taking productivity down a notch. 

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    Hi ALl,

    Thanks for flagging this to us, and a warm welcome to the Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're encountering. I'll promptly share this with our development team, and we'll keep you updated once this feature becomes available. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out on the Community Forum if you have any more questions. Our team is here to help and provide assistance.

    We genuinely appreciate your valuable feedback.


  • Cam_M it seems many of your issues are similar to those we experience.

    We're new to the software and are unimpressed also.


    M_Kire I agree that we require an option to address the contact person we deal with. ("Our business works with people...") Well said.

    The contact name is in the system, so all the devs have to do is reference it. Just add in another dropdown and reference the business contact.



    PeterBor , if the invoice templates were more customisable, we could remove unused columns in the services and items layout and make the ones we use wider, like in the service field layout where columns are wider.

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    The new interface looks like it is setup for a vertical mobile screen making columns truncated so you can't see the full text in a box.

    Even if you mouse over the text it is not displayed fully in a popup so I have columns where I can see only the first 10 characters or so.


    Creating a bill from a uploaded PDF most of the space is the view of the doc entry of data is squashed to the right of the screen.

    You have no option to drag the columns wider so I can see the data in a field you have to click in it and try and scroll if it allows


    Is there a setting somewhere to make this suitable for a normal PC screen?


    Tried to go GST submission today and it included zero rated expenses in the GST submission to IRD.  The MYOB GST report was correct and did not include zero rated expenses.Why would the 2 functions report different results?


    Very unimpressed with the new MYOB

    Good luck with getting any help if you call.

    Sales answer immediately, go figure



  • Agree with all of the above. My particular issue is that we can no longer have the contact person's first name in the invoice email. We work with a lot of small businesses and sole traders who we interact with in person. I would like the option of addressing them by name in the email and reminders like we used to. If the contact is a business the "contact person" should have first and last name fields which can be inserted into emails.


    In the same vein, when creating an invoice I can only pull the business name in the dropdown whereas before I used to be able to search any part of their business, first or last name and it would come up. Our business works with people who happen to be in business, not busnesses that happen to have people.