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13 years ago

Pay items: Leave Loading Entitlement/leave

I would like to suggest that MYOB LiveAccounts be enhanced with 1. Provision of 'Leave Loading' in 'Payroll' and 2. That the 'TAB' option between ALL fields be made available - it puzzles me why such a standard option is not already there ????? So far I am getting used the this new LiveAccounts but those 2 missing options are making the job more tedious and time consuming than necessary. Surely it isn't too much to ask for 'TAB' option, and surely the 'Leave Loading' option in PAYROLL should be a  standard option. In time I would also like to see the 'Recurring Transactions' option made standard as well. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!


"Leave Loading Provision."


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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB Essentials allows users to set up their own pay items. This would include leave loading and other leave setups.


    For more information on this topic please see Help Article: Creating pay items.

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your feedback on this, the payroll system in Live Accounts is something that we're always looking to improve and this is something that we're happy to take on board to consider being added. I've updated the title to be more appropriate to your feedback, others who would also like to see this added please remember to cast your votes.
  • Especially the Spend Money and Receive Money screens - not at all user friendly to have to use the mouse for data entry of multiple lines !

  • It would be helpful if live accounts included leave loading now that it allows us to accrue annual leave and sick leave.  

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      Need to be able to add Leave Loading in as a percentage of Gross.


      This may also be usefule for other allowances as well.

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      Absolutely - this seems such a simply option to add to Live Accounts.  The only way around it currently is to add a Penalty Rate in dollars of the amount based on 17.5%.  Eg.  $27 hrly rate would have $4.73 leave loading - this is .005 cents too high but there is no option for rates for be a percentage to 3 dec places so until leave loading is added this is the only work around..

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      This is a huge problem for our current clients. Would be great if sorted ASAP.

  • So far I don't mind LiveAccounts but am frustrated at some 'basic' things missing. 1. No 'tab' option between date, category, notes, amount etc and 2. In Payroll the is NO provision for 'Leave Loading' ??? Live Chat tells me this morning that until enough of us complain about it, these things won't be fixed in any kind of hurry. Please let them know if you are also unhappy about it :-)

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      Good points

      To be heard please post in the "MYOB Live Accounts - Suggest an Enhancement" section of the forum.

      It is the section below MYOB AccountRight & AccountEdge Software.