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11 months ago

QUOTES - View quotes online and have Accept and Decline buttons for invoicing

I am reposting this idea from 2017 which has not been implemented,
(Link below).



  1. Need to be able to view quotes online as you can with invoices.
  2. Must have an Accept or Decline button at the top of the quote.
  3. On Accept of the quote, it must auto-create an invoice.

Workflow for an Accepted quote:
Customer views quote online just like invoicing > customer accepts the quote online > business gets an email notification of the accepted quote with a link to the original in MYOB > quote automatically turns into an invoice in MYOB under the customer's details > customer automatically gets an email notification of the new invoice > customer pays the new invoice.


Without this feature, you MUST:

  1. Get in touch with the customer or they get in touch with you, to discuss accepting the quote.
  2. Go into their quote.
  3. Then manually change the status to Accepted.
  4. Then click the Convert to Invoice button.
  5. Then you must click the accept button on the pop-up.
  6. Then you must click email invoice.
  7. Then you must click send invoice from the email invoice pop-up.


Why has this not been implemented?

For businesses that send lots of quotes, this would be a huge time saver.

Time is money and automation is king!


For reference, attached is a screenshot from our Zoho quoting with the buttons mentioned.


Link to original post: https://community.myob.com/t5/MYOB-Business-Essentials-Idea/Quotes-Include-Accept-button-for-customer/idi-p/470333