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3 years ago

Report: Payroll verification report - Sort employees same as Create pay run window

When running a Pay Run it lists the employees alphabetically by their last name.  When running the Preview Pay Details report it lists the employees alphabetically by their first name.


Can we get this fixed to they list the same way?  It's only happened since the Essentials Payroll upgrade.


"Pay Run Reports Alphabetically"


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    I agree this is an issue when processing wages, firstly not being able to TAB or even use ENTER to get through the stages, and very slow to calculate to the next window even when using the mouse. 

    Also the order of names being different in different reports is very annoying, it is just asking for errors to be made.


    I note that the above complaints were made over a year ago and still nothing has been done to fix this issue. 


    MYOB provides this wonderful forum to propose improvements and find solutions to issues but actually does nothing to follow them up!

  • On step 3 of the pay run you can sort the employees by first OR last name by clicking the grey arrows next to the Employee header in the table.

  • A client has to process multiple employees each payrun and would find it easier to do this via their first name rather than their surname. Could this be considered an option? Thank you.

  • When creating a new pay run, are not organized in alphabetical order (neither by first or last name). Could you please have the option to sort the list in alphabetical order by the first name?


    When entering the hours manually for casual employees, every time I tab to go to the next field, it takes a while to calculate and process the first one, then I need to click on the field I want to type again as the tab function doesn't work.  Previously, it was very quick to manually enter the hours and tab to the next one. Would that be possible to get that fixed?


    Lastly, previously, I could save all payslips in one single document. Now I have to open one by one to save which is very time-consuming. Would that be possible to add that function again please?


    Thank you in advance.

  • Yes this is a problem. Please give the option to sort by First name OR Surname