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8 years ago

Sales: Email - Select from different email common templates

I would like to be able to select from a number of different pre-saved email templates when sending invoices.


I often re-send overdue invoices to customers as a reminder - it would be nice if I could select an 'overdue invoice' template for the email when doing so, rather than needing to re-enter the message text every time I do this.  The current behavior allows only one template, which I find rather restrictive.


"Multiple email templates for invoices"


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    Yes, we are also desperate for this.  We have multiple subscription products requiring different cover letters when sending the invoice.  Currently, we copy and paste over the default message which is a pain.  It would be great to associate and invoice template to a specific email cover letter.

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    Agreed - we have several different "brands" that we need to reflect within the text / subject of the email when we are sending tax invoices out.  Being able to have multiple email templates to choose from, as well as multiple invoice templates to choose from would be such a time-saver, and make sure that emails are more meaningful to the customer.  This is a basic feature in Xero, would be great to see it in MYOB.

  • I would also find this very helpful as have multiple businesses registered under the one ABN. I’d like to be able to create a separate invoice for each business without having to pay for multiple subscriptions.

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    This would be a great addition as I currently have to edit almost every invoice I send.  I think that even the ability to have a choice of 2 or 3 email templates for invoices would be a huge advantage as there have been times where I have inadvertently sent an invoice without making changes prior to sending.  Also, I have clients that have direct debit in place for weekly payments and I always need to change the wording to reflect "Please find attached invoice/receipt" and "Payment has been received, thank you", rather than the default content of my template which contains a "due by" date.

    Cheers...   Nick