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9 years ago

Setup: Calculator Activated by Pressing Numeric Operators (+, -, *, /) Within Field

Along time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I used one of the original MYOB desktop software packages & it had the most incredibly useful function I had ever seen in an accounting package...being the ability to perform calculations within any field simlpy by hitting one of the numeric operator buttons (i.e. +,-,*,/) which would then perform this calulcation without the need to take your hands off the keyboard, rummage around in your drawer for your calculator, perform the function, then enter the result in the aformenetioned field.


I am unsure if this function still exists in the current desktop versions, I seem to remember it disappeared at one stage...I hope I've explained what I'm referring to clearly here? This was one truly an incredibly useful function & one I would hapily see return.