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3 years ago

Setup: Large screen resolution to use full width

I run in high resolution (3840x2160) and find it rather annoying that MYOB is trying to fit everything into a narrow width (looks like it is probebly 1024 pixels wide) it would be much nicer if it scaled to the screen width.   Is there a way to make MYOB use the full width of the screen?


See attachment for example where it is really obviuos. This is a nice feature where MYOB opens the file in split screen so you can refer to it and transfer into into MYOB but since it only uses less than 1/3rd of my screen width I cant read it, making it useless.  I end up closing the nice split panel feature in myob, putting myob on half my screen (so it at least uses 70% of that) and opening the pdf in a second window sat next to myob window so I can actually see them both.

'Use full width in large screen resolution"


  • Has anyone found a fix for this? Has to be one of the most irritating problems, working within a tiny square in the middle of the screen which forces you to scroll left and right on documents, the subscription price keeps going up yet they have horrible UI problems still.

  • Please, MYOB.  So tired of needing to use this scrollbar:

    The worst thing is the view is worse the higher the resolution is.  On a 720p screen it's more usable, something is broken in your CSS

  • From day one- absolutely!!! It appears this change was engineered by IT people and not Book-keepers/ Accountants/ Business Owners. I have tried opening two sessions on large split screen , but this also fails , times out, won't save etc. so fails as a work around and needless to say (but I'll say it) shouldn't be necessary. It's as though Essentials "upgrade" was designed to lose customers