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7 years ago

Statements: Activity based (including payments)

I would love to print out a monthly statement for my customers that shows both invoices and payments together.  They are missing payments and then paying on the next invoice which means I have to sent them two reports to show payments received and invoices sent.  Then I have to explain it to them.  Thanks.


"Monthly Statements"


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    The ability to send an activity statement to a client rather than just an outstanding invoice statement would be very beneficial.

  • It would be useful to be able to show account activity for a selected period prior to the statement date as well.

  • Customer activity statements are necessary.

    We need to update to match the capability of Xero - or switch I suppose

  • I has been 2017 when this request/idea was raised.  I can't understand why Essentials does not have the ability to raise an activity statement.  It is normal business practice to display customer payments received on a monthly statement.  This is not unusal, it is normal and basic.  Why isn't this fixed?  I am beginning to regret changing to MYOB Essentials.

  • MYOB Essentials to have an option to produce Activity statements.  This is a basic practice but Essentials does not have this option.  It has been an "idea" on this forum for sometime, years but it is not an option.  This is not special, it is basic. 

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Through the Sales>>Customer statements option within MYOB Essentials users will get the option to produce an Invoice or an Activity-based statement.

  • Hi Steven_M MYOB moderator, 

    Thanks for the update but....

    Unless I can't see it for some reason, there is no option to select "invoice" or "activity" based statement.  The default is invoice.


    Also there is no date selection.  The default is the day you produce the statement.  This doesn't work with the current/30/60/90 days balances


    Need two selection boxes.  One to select activity or invoice and a box to enter date.