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7 months ago

Superannuation payable on Dashboard is not what is says

On the MYOB Business dashboard, the amount shown under Superannuation Payable is in fact the sum of Superannuation Payable plus PAYG Withholding Payable. I have confirmed this by checking against ledger reports. 


To correct this, the heading should be changed from "Superannuation Payable" to "Superannuation and PAYG Withholding Payable", OR even better display Superannuation and PAYG Withholding as separate items.


As it currently stands the Dashboard is showing wrong information.


  • Using Accountsright. I normally use desktop version. Went online for STP finalization work then saw the dashboard. Yes, same here, Super payable has both super and PAYG balance... It doesn't impact me much but annoying and another reason I am staying away from online version even though it has better reports - but fundamentals are not there i.e. no batch payment against PO...

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    MYOB Moderator



    Thank you for your patience. I've raised this concern to our development team and hoping that this will show in the future update.



    If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to post again.



    Kind regards,


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      Is anything being done to fix this problem ? On my dashboard it is showing I have 5K+ in superannuation payable when the true amount is $115 !!! It is not a combined payg and super payable amount. I have made sure all my super accounts are linked to the correct super payable account. Can I delete the super payable widget from the dashboard so I don't have to keep seeing the incorrect amount ? 

  • Hi Isaiah_C 
    Thank you for taking the time to comment but your link doesn't help.

    The issue is simply the incorrect wording on the label "Superannuation".  It needs changing as it shows the total of Superannuation and PAYG-W.  Very frustrating.
    Please emphasise to your tech crew that this should be an easy fix.  Simply change the label.  No functions need changing.

    with thanks,


  • Isaiah_C unfortunately the information on the Help Centre is wrong as well.


    It says in the section "GST, Superannuation, PAYE and KiwiSaver"

    • (Australia) how much super is payable for your employees


    The problem is the dashboard doesn't show how much employee superannuation is payable, it shows the sum of Superannuation and PAYG, which is confusing/misleading.


  • How hard can it be to change the lable on the dashboard so it accurately reflects the data it is presenting?

  • Hi Neil59,


    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


    It's important to note that the information on the MYOB Business dashboard is likely reflecting the total of Superannuation Payable and PAYG Withholding Payable, especially if they share the same linked account. To address this and enhance clarity, we recommend ensuring that you have separate linked accounts for Superannuation and PAYG Withholding from Accounting >> Managed linked accounts.


    If you encounter any challenges or have further questions, feel free to reach out.




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      Hi Princess


      Thank you for your help with this.


      There is no doubt that the MYOB Business Dashboard is reflecting the total of Superannuation Payable and PAYG Withholding Payable. This is what I pointed out in my original post and now you have confirmed it. This also confirms there is a problem with the Dashboard as it incorrectly calls the total amount Superannuation Payable.


      You have recommended that I ensure I have separate linked accounts for Superannuation and PAYG Withholding. I have checked and believe this is the case. Can you please check the attached Screenshot and confirm?


      My Dashboard is currently showing the sum of 6-4200 and 2-1350 and calling it Superannuation Payable. Which of course is incorrect.


      Thanks again for you help

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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi Neil59,


        Thank you for your response and the attached screenshot.


        Upon reviewing the information provided, it appears that your linked accounts are correctly configured for superannuation and PAYG withholding. If possible, could you kindly review the linked account associated with the Super Guarantee?


        However, I've further checked on our end, and it seems that we are experiencing a similar issue with the dashboard displaying only Superannuation Payable. I will raise this matter with our relevant team for a thorough investigation. It could be a bug or a part of the new dashboard that needs refinement. Rest assured, we are committed to resolving this promptly.


        Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to address this issue. Feel free to create a new post if you have any concerns in the future, and I'll do my best to assist you.