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7 months ago

Supplier Payment Terms in Contact Card

Can we please be able to set individual supplier payment terms in the Contact Card (like you can in AccountRight under Buying Details tab) as some suppliers are due in 7 days (No. of given days) and some are 30 days net and some are number of days after EOM.  Thank you.


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    Totally agree! I look forward to ALL the improvements to the browser app being done.
    We do not use all the features of the Desktop app yet we have to pay full price due to the browser app not being up to scratch with such simple requirements as this! I also suggest MYOB offers the lower subscription in this circumstance, seeing the browser app is not up to scratch! 
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    Why doesn't the supplier payment terms on the supplier's contact card, transfer to the web version of AccountRight? Very frustrating. Surely we don't have to enter terms with each invoice!?!

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    Hi everyone. 


    Just wanted to let you know that your suggestion has been noted and passed on to our development team for consideration in future upgrades. We value your input!


    If you need help with anything else or have more ideas to share, don't hesitate to start a new thread. We're here to help!




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    This problem still seems to be ongoing for such a long time now. Working online and entering invoices causes our supplier payment terms to not match their contact card therefore fully throwing out their pay due dates. Surely there is a way to fix the problem..?

    If this has been fixed recently or if there is something that we can tweak to help match the terms up to the card please let us know.