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2 months ago
Coming Soon


I wonder if the “Development Team” know this kind of inaction is exactly why MYOB lost the race to ZERO. This has been ask over and over again, and what have they done about it? Other than some bloke called earl, responding with the same cut and past response, Absolutely nothing.


At least have the minerals to tell us the real reason you won’t allow us to turn off BPAY specifically is because you are getting some

sort of kickback from BPay, I would respect an honest answer like this.


Anyway, might finally give up on myob and just go to zero.


  • What is the reason for MYOB to address the BPay payments issue that long? Your lack of inaction is costing your clients $$$

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hey Ale_Cam

    We’ve taken your feedback onboard and are working to improve online invoice payments and provide greater control when it comes to selecting your preferred payment options. We've included you as part of our EAP for this feature and you should now have the ability to turn it off.

    If you have any further questions or feedback, let me know!


    Cheers, Amanda.