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4 months ago

Warning for Duplicated Invoice Number



The online version does not warn you when a duplicated invoice number is entered like it does with the desk top version. This is a valuable tool when doing multiple supplier invoices and when clients regulary upload the same invoice. 

An update to the online version to introduce this feature will be an extremely valuable addition.

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  • Hi Legends1,


    Thank you for sharing your suggestion. 


    I understand your concern about the lack of a warning for duplicate invoice numbers in the online version of our software. I want to assure you that we have already raised this issue with the relevant team, and it is currently being worked on. There's no ETA for when this will be implemented but rest assured that this has already been handled by the team. I've also added your post to the ticket raised for this request. This will help us document the problem and keep track of the users who are requesting this enhancement.


    If you have any other concerns or suggestions, feel free to let us know.