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Bank Recon issues

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Bank Recon issues

I have an issue with my Aug 2022 Bank Reconciliation. It is a small account with only 3 transactions in it. The July Rec balanced fine, but this Aug Rec is out of balance by the exact amount of one of the transactions (31.08.22 - $26.27). This amount appears in my bank statement and in my bank rec, but if I select this item my bank rec is out of balance by this exact amount. I have double checked I am entering the closing balance correctly. I have double checked all transactions, including this $26.27 one, have been allocated and recorded. I have wasted 2.5hrs on the phone help with no results and then they disconnected the line. They did ask that I have entered the opening balance correctly, but I said I don't entered it it is in the system. I also just thought to undo the July Rec and redo it and see if that helped at all with the Aug Rec, but no, and strangely enough the July Rec now won't balance, it is out by exactly $26.27. But when I do a transaction search back to 01.01.21 there is only one single transaction for this exact amount and it is the 31.08.22 transaction, so not sure how it is no affecting the July Rec too. There appears to be a glitch with MYOB or something major that I have missed and I am unable to get any help from the Help Desk. Please please please can someone suggest anything? Thank you Dawn
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Re: Bank Recon issues

Hi @Hubertien 


Thanks for your post. To Help Article, Resolving out of balance bank reconciliations, has detailed information on finding and fixing an out of balance. 


The opening balance is entered when you first start using that account. If it is changed it will affect the calculated balance and cause out of balance issues. 


Please let me know if you need further help.


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