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Fixing bank reconciliation issue

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Fixing bank reconciliation issue

I have recently updated from V19 to 2016.2.


I have found that in V2016.2, sometimes when I drill down into a payment entry that has been previously reconciled, the next time I go to do my bank reconciliation, the entry I drilled into is now showing as an unreconciled item on my bank reconciliation list.


It is easy enough to include it in the new reconciliation that I am doing (in order to make the reconciliation balance) but it is clearly an error in the system - the transaction now shows as being reconciled on a date well past when it actually appeared on the bank statement.


Is this a known problem?  Is there a way to avoid or fix it?



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Re: Fixing bank reconciliation issue

Hi @6203


It does sound like you are affected by an older situation that would arise with reconciled transactions once migrated. In AccountRight v19 transactions that went to the same account could be reconciled individually, i.e. if you have one transaction that had 3 lines to the bank account these could be reconciled individually on 3 different days. In AccountRight 2016 these transactional lines are generally combined into the one value in the Reconcile Accounts window.  When you do click on those older transactions it thinks that the transaction as whole hasn't been reconciled (as it was reconciled as individual parts) and therefore will generate back into the Reconcile Accounts window ready to be reconciled again.

The workaround is to either delete all transactions in AccountRight 2016 that have gone to the same account (probably not feasible) or reconcile those transactions as part of the next reconciliation or if its a common thing (i.e. clicking on that transaction) deleting that one transaction and re-entering it then re-reconciling the transaction again in AccountRight 2016.

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Re: Fixing bank reconciliation issue

Hi there


I am experiencing the same problem with many transactions that have previously been cleared or reconciled, becoming unpresented again when other parts of the entry are drilled down to or changed. As the majority of our sales are recorded as a daily cash deposit, the receive money transactions comprise several lines breaking down sales between departments and also lines recording a negative amount against the bank account, representing eftpos and amex settlements which, together with the cash deposit, make up the sales for the day. Eftpos settlements appear on our bank statement the day after the sale, whereas cash is deposited only twice a week, so there will always be a timing difference.


Version 19 was able to differentiate between the parts of the transaction which had been reconciled and those which had not, and therefore I don't think it is acceptable to suggest changing the way deposits and cheques are recorded or to continually have past reconciliations thrown out of balance. This is not only happening with transactions recorded before the upgrade to Accountright 2016, but newer transactions as well, so perhaps there is an issue with our file which somebody could have a look at.


I have posted in another thread about employee entitlements being incorrect since the upgrade and would appreciate some help with that too.


Thanks in advance.

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