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Past Reconciled account

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Past Reconciled account

I have  just done my EOFY Finalisation where I had to delete a pay that was made. This pay was deposited back into our business account as the wrong pay was made. At this time we moved from Xero to MYOB and our accountant reconciled the accounts. 

So after noticing the EOFY wasnt matching up I found this pay on our system and deleted it, but it is now showing up in reconcile accounts that we have more money in the bank which is the same amount that I deleted. How do I fix this?  TIA

P.S still learning

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Re: Past Reconciled account

Hi @PatrishaO 


Thanks for your post. When you delete or change a transaction that has been previously reconciled it will cause the bank reconciliation to become out of balance. So you would need to undo and re-do the bank reconciliations.


In your case you've also got the issue that the pay was paid back to you. Typically in this situation you wouldn't delete the incorrect pay. You'd either reverse it or process a negative adjustment pay. Then when doing the bank reconcilation you would match the pay transaction to the withdrawal and the reversal with the deposit. 


Following the above process you'd have 2 transactions in AccountRight (a debit and a credit) and 2 transactions in your bank account (a withdrawal and a deposit). But as you've deleted the pay in AccountRight you've got 3 transactions left which you won't be able to match. As your accountant reconciled the accounts I'm guessing that they entered a transaction to account for the refunded amount. It may be worth checking with your accountant about that transaction and how to account for the withdrawal amount in AccountRight.


Once you've got those transactions sorted you'll need to undo and re-do the bank recs. This help article has more information on that: Resolving out of balance bank reconciliations


If you're still having problems please let me know.


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