Account Right Live contacts.

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Account Right Live contacts.

Hi There, 


When sending an Email through Account Right.

I'd like to add extra email addresses. That are in my Outlook contacts.

They are not connected directly to the purchases card but are CC's in on sent emails.

1/ Can I import my outlook contacts to choose from?

2/ Does AC have auto complete function for email addresses like MS Outlook.





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Re: Account Right Live contacts.

Hi @adamf,


We do have a Synchronise Cards feature within AccountRight that allows you to import your Outlook contacts to our software. Assuming the extra e-mail addresses are listed in the same contact record in Outlook, when importing that into AccountRight, it should update your supplier cards to reflect the additional addresses. Do note that this will only work if you select the option to 'Update existing contacts'. You've also noted that the extra e-mail addresses are not connected directly to the card - please note that the above process will set them up as additional e-mail addresses of the supplier in question.


Our help page Importing your Outlook contacts to AccountRight provides further information regarding this.


Additionally, our help page Synchronising cards with Microsoft Outlook takes you through the synchronisation update rules.


As for auto-complete function, AccountRight unfortunately does not have such a feature. In order to add multiple e-mail addresses, you'll need to separate each one with a semi-colon and enter them that way.


One other thing to note is that it would definitely be worth taking a backup of your company file prior to synchronising your cards with Outlook in case something goes wrong.


Hope this helps - feel free to post again anytime you require and do let us know how you go with that.

Warm Regards,


MYOB Client Support

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