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Anywhere access – Frequently asked questions about AccountRight Live

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Anywhere access – Frequently asked questions about AccountRight Live

AccountRight Live is a cloud accounting service that's the first of its kind in Australia and New Zealand. Available across AccountRight Basics, Standard and Plus, AccountRight Live gives you the choice of how you do your accounts: on your desktop, in the cloud or both. More importantly, it gives you the freedom to access this data anywhere, anytime from your internet connected PC.



  • What does anywhere, anytime access really mean?

Whether you've in the office, at home or on the go, once you've downloaded the AccountRight Live software to your PC or laptop you'll have 24/7 access to your business records, whenever and wherever you like when you're connected to the internet. You could also have as many people as you like access the file at once, as long as you've given them access to your file, and they've installed AccountRight (you can install AccountRight on as many machines as you need at no additional cost).


For instance while you're on the road entering sales, your bookkeeper could be  reconciling your bank account from their office and your administrative staff entering purchases from your office.  At the same time your accountant could be reviewing your financial reports from their laptop between meetings. Everything’s live, synced and seamless.


AccountRight Live eliminates the need to set up expensive servers that allow ‘remote access’ to your business data, or for copies of the file to be sent out for changes which need to be manually synced later. But what if you want to complete a task when you're not connected to the internet? Authorised users (such as an AccountRight Live Administrator) can download a local copy of your accounts to their PC and keep working – this locks the live version of your data until the local copy is checked back in.


  • Can you tell me more about working offline?

AccountRight Live is the only cloud accounting service that provides the best of both worlds. The check-out, check-in functionality means an AccountRight Live Administrator can check out a company file to their PC. During this process, AccountRight Live will lock the online version from being edited by any other user so the checked out file is the most current file. Checking in the file will upload the changes to the cloud. Only one person can work on a checked-out file at a time.


You can also have AccountRight Live set to automatically sync with the computer your using. This will create an offline copy on the machine that you're using. As you use AccountRight Live, the offline copy will periodically sync with your online copy, so that it's up-to-date. This means that


  • Can I work from home and in the office without having to move my accounting data?

Yes. By providing the option of working offline, AccountRight Live gives you the freedom of managing your business in a way that suits you. For example you may choose to check-out your company file and work offline on your PC if you're in an area with limited internet connectivity. You can then check in the file when it suits you and any changes to your data will be synced to the cloud when you go back online. It means no more USB stick or needless rekeying of data entry.


  • Who has access to my data and under what circumstances?

Access to your AccountRight Live data is handled through my.MYOB – your personal subscription management portal. This means that in addition to being an authorised user of a Company File which requires sign in details, each user of AccountRight Live will need to be authorised to access the online file using my.MYOB. We've developed an administration hierarchy that works like this: the software owner (the primary contact with MYOB), has full control over who has access to their data. The software owner nominates AccountRight Live Administrators who manage the accounts. These Administrators then monitor daily use and access of other users, such as the accountant, bookkeeper or data entry processor.


  • What if I lose my internet connection?

AccountRight Live gives you the option of keeping a local copy of your file that periodically syncs with your online copy as you use AccountRight. If your internet connection drops out, you can use this local copy to continue entering data. If you do this, you will need to contact all authorised users and advise them that you're accessing the file offline, as they may be working in the online version. Once you get internet connection again, you can put the copy you've been working in back online, overwriting the previous online copy. More information on this here.


  • How does anywhere access apply to my accountant or bookkeeper?

AccountRight Live allows you to invite your staff, accountant or bookkeeper into your accounts in the cloud to collaborate on your numbers – even if you’re not in the same room. You stay in control and an audit trail will give you a record of which authorised user has accessed your data and what they’ve done in that time.


  • What happens to anywhere access if I cancel my AccountRight Live subscription?

You can only access and maintain your accounts in the cloud if you continue a subscription to AccountRight Live. If you do decide to cancel your subscription, your accounts become read only. You’ll need to purchase an AccountRight software licence for your desktop or resubscribe to AccountRight Live to make any future changes to your data.


  • What if the PC I’m using doesn’t have AccountRight software installed?

AccountRight Live gives you unlimited free downloads of your chosen AccountRight Basics, Standard, Plus or Premier software. That means if the PC you’re working on doesn’t currently have the software installed, you can simply head to my.MYOB, download and install it to access your accounts anytime, anywhere.

Kind Regards

MYOB Client Support
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