Banks Feeds and Manage Rules

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Banks Feeds and Manage Rules



Hope this makes sense and can be sorted out the easist possible way


I have a bank feed started from 1/7/2018 to current date wherein my bankfeed has recorded transactions but I have entered very few transactions ie Telephone bill, Fuel, Owners Drawing, Bank Charge, Invoice Payment etc


What I am wandering is following

1) Do I need to enter the tranasaction before I create the rule? Or at the same as creating the rule can I create the transaction?

2) If I create a invoice and then create rule can I use the rule to create onging invoices (same company) ie I create a  invoice 600 ... can i create a rule to look after inoice 601, 602 etc that would also create invoice 601, 602 etc . Or must I create individiual invoices and use the rulle...


Hope that makes sense





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Re: Banks Feeds and Manage Rules

Hi @LearningMyob101


In answer to your questions:


1 - You first create the rule from the Bank Feed and then it will apply it to the transaction. You should then approve to record it


2 - You cannot create invoices from the Bank Rules. You would create the invoice in the normal way, then allow the rule to find the invoices the receipt is for.



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