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Re: Change default email

Thanks for replying@Banana1

You ask  'If you go though to the Data File tab for me, can you check if there is a a second datafile already setup there?'   In the list of 3 email addresses I have on my Outlook (Data Tab), each one has a different location for the .pst file.  Is that what you mean?  So one goes to 'E:\Users\user1\Documents\OutlookFiles\firstemailaddress.pst' and the other goes to 'E:\Users\user1\Documents\OutlookFiles\secondemailaddress.pst'(etc). 

So, you're thinking that nothing will happen to 'firstaddress' s data file if I change the default to 'secondaddress's data file (and keep changing between the 2).  And that all my history of emails that are contained in that datafile, wont be touched?  I was hoping this would be the case.

Best Regards, Belinda


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Re: Change default email

Hi @BYBookkeeping


From my reading into PST files, they are used to store messages, contacts, appointments, task, notes and journal entries for your email address. So if you have multiple email addresses setup you would have multiple pst files.  My understanding is that by changing that data file tab it will signify that you are wanting to use that email address and pst file as the primary one. The message is an indication that this is going to happen. Based on what I have read you will not loss your data saved in that email addresses boxes however you can take a backup of your pst files if required. For more information into pst files please see Microsoft article: How to manage .pst files in Microsoft Outlook

If you are concerned about making changes to Outlook I would recommend speaking to an IT person in regards to making that change and the implicates of that. 

Kind regards,

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