Check in file FAILED

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Check in file FAILED

Hi Folks


Worked all weekend on a clients MYOB online file that I had checked out Friday evening and the error message


"Checkin FAILED" came back at me - and this is the 1st time I have seen this.


Nothing I did got it working to upload the changes - which were significant.


It was 0900 and expecting a quick synch to upload to the offline file - I was left sucking a bit of air!


Now what - !!!!! - yes I think I said a few choice words and the word MYOB was in there I am sure!


However - I tried some of my own fixes - to see if I could fool it - these are a work in progress, however after my adrenaline level was back to normal


1. I opened the offline 


2. Did another backup (I backup often anyway)


3. Discard changes and go back online - 


4. Open online version - yep Friday version


5. Select Restore from backup


6. Select your back zip file 


7. Big WARNING - can't undo etc etc - accept


8. Restore - took about 7 minutes


9. Manual synch (offline file) - another 6 minutes


Bobs your uncle


All good and back online


Regards The Doc


PS - one for tech 


I tried a shortcut - I selected the friday prerecover file back online - and took this offline


Then replaced this offline file with my file I had worked on all weekend - thinking I might try another upload - when opening this offline file (the one with all my weekend work) - myob said this is a read only file - hmmm - work in progress - I am sure there is a quick way.


1.  I op

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