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Customising Reports

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Customising Reports

Good morning


I would like to get a report out of MYOB and am unsure if I can get this one or if I need to customise.


I want to produce a Budget Analysis report which shows expenditure to a certain month (eg August) against the Budget for the full year.  I realise that I can get this if I produce the report before I enter anything in to MYOB for the next month however my problem is that I usually run a payroll before I produce end of month reports and therefore the Budget Analysis is including that payroll in the report.


Any suggestions - hoping someone can help


Thank you 

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Re: Customising Reports

Hi @learning


The Profit & Loss [Budget Analysis] report in AccountRight will show the budgeted value for the selected period. For example, if you run the report for October it will show you the budgeted value for October. The report will also show the actual values against the account for that selected period. 

If you wanted to show the budgeted values for the full year you could look at running the report for the full year, to grab the Budgeted values and then run it for the required period. You could then send the required copies of the report to Excel and then combine to get the desired outcome.


Alternatively, there may be some reporting add-ons available that could complete the task - the MYOB Add-on Solutions page does have a full range of add-ons available. I do that @Jennifer_Kelly has a reporting add-on, perhaps it can achieve what you are after.

Kind Regards,
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Re: Customising Reports

Hi @learning


As @Steven_M some of the Addon solutions will be able to help you to produce a report like this.


Our Business Intelligence add-on BI4Cloud includes a very Flexible P&L report that includes all of the following columns on the one report Click here for more details:


  • Actual v Budget
  • Month to date v Year to date v Last year
  • Full year Budget v Forecast 
  • By Account or Summary P&L

See an example below. It will automatically run for the "Last Month" date range which is used for Month to date and Year to date calculations, however also includes a Full Year budget and a Full Year forecast ( which is Actual for the Year to Last month + the Budget for the remaining months in the year).  Simply Hide any columns you don't want to display ( I have hidden the Prior year Mtd and Ytd columns as it did not sound like you needed those.)


P&L with Full yr Budget.png


We have exactly the same report that runs over Jobs data see -


All detials about BI4cloud including a 14 day free trial are on our website


I hope that helps

Jennifer Kelly CA
BI4Cloud- powered by Interactive Reporting
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