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Display order of various reports

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Display order of various reports

Can anyone explain to me the order that MYOB Account Right uses to display various reports as maybe I am alone on this but I find it inconsistent and extremely frustrating when I try to cross check reports.


As an example when I run a payroll everything defaults to alphabetical order based on surname followed by first name.  This is great and seems to me to be the obvious default.


When I go to prepare and check the electronic payments for that payroll (and/or any other payments) they display in a completely random order.  There is no order that I can see based on the ID, name, amount or the order the transactions were processed in?  I find that really strange.  You can re-order but it still doesn't tie up with other reports so it's a bit frustrating when you want to run checks prior to finalising the payments.  If you sort this by name it goes by first name not surname??


If I review remittance advice for payments before delivery where they are being sent to individuals that list also displays by first name not surname and can't be sorted by surname as far as I can see?


There are other examples too for example;

Payroll Activity Detail report comes out in alphabetical order perfectly - surname first then first name.  I need to compare this to my 'Liabilities Payment Register' but this comes out in alpha order based on employees first names and can't be sorted by surname?


I just don't understand why the default wouldn't always be by surname for individuals followed by first name or alpha order for suppliers?  Why do lists vary?  It is quite frustrating when you are trying to do a cross check of reports prior to processing transactions.


Are these known errors or is this just another thing we live with or am I missing something altogether?


Can anyone shed any light on this.


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Re: Display order of various reports

I would like to know also - for example the payroll activity report sorts employees by first name - how can this be changed to sort by surname - extremely frustrating.  thanks

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