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Exporting to excel - date formatting changes!

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Exporting to excel - date formatting changes!

When we export Employee Card File information to excel, some dates are changing. For example - a D.O.B. might be 01/11/2000 (01 November 2000), however, it comes through to excel as 11/01/2000 (11 January 2000). Same thing occurs for Start Date. Really annoying to have to manually check each one off, and change as required. The specific report is Reports / Payroll / Employees / Employment Details.


I've checked our Computer settings and the Region & Language tab says Format = English (Australia), Location tab says Current location = Australia. We are in Perth, WA.


Would really appreciate a solution. Thanks.

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Re: Exporting to excel - date formatting changes!

Hi @Clarkin


When you send data to Excel, the formatting of the cells can be slightly changed, this is due to the way Excel does interpret the data.

If the data is not being formatting as you are after you can look at:

  • (If on AccountRight Classic v19) - Send To >>HTML or Tab-Delimited Text File or Comma-Separated Text File.What this will produce the corresponding file, which can be then be opened in Excel (would need to select to open all files) to display the data. 
  • (If on AccountRight 2017) - Export the required data out using the File>>Import/Export Assistant. This will generate a text file to which you can open in Excel. Alternatively, configure the Card Lists window show the required information and copying that information to the Clipboard, which you can then paste into Excel or similar product.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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