Inventory - Stock Alert Report

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Inventory - Stock Alert Report

Hi there

The Stock Alert feature of MYOB relies on the Minimum Stock Level to be enterered against each item so why would it not be an available field on the Stock Alert Report?

Anyone have any ideas on workaround, this omission is causing a great deal of grief on a 10K plus Inventory

Thanks heaps

Lynne Wagner
Zebra Accounting and Business Systems
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Re: Inventory - Stock Alert Report

Hi Lynne, @LFW02


Custom Fields are available for display within the To Do List - Stock Alert report; as a workaround you could perhaps consider populating one of those custom fields with the Minimum Level field value.  It would require an Items export, change the field header Minimum Level to the Custom Field of your choice in Windows Notepad then import back into the company file selecting Update existing data.


I've did this with the sample Clearwater Plus company file and I chose Custom Field 3 as indicated in the attached import file (ITEM Reorder Level.TXT) which produced the also attached log file (ITEM Reorder Level ImportLog.TXT).


Attached is example of the modified To Do List - Stock Alert report peoduced as a result of the Items update which displays Custom Field 3 now labelled ReOrder Level.


If you have any questions on what I've suggested then please don't hesitate to ask; thank you.

Best Regards

Tony Lane - Penguin - Tasmania

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Re: Inventory - Stock Alert Report

Hi @LFW02


@TonyLane 's solution looks like it is a possible workaround to get what you have asked for.


Your client may also like to consider looking at one of the Add-on Solutions to enhance the standard Inventory reporting, especially when trying to manage 10,000 sku's. 


As an exaample our Business Intelligence tool BI4Cloud includes Min Stock Level and also the Recommended reorder Qty on our inventory reports. In addition you are able to Filter or group your stock by Supplier to help with reorders. The Min Stock level, Reorder Qty, Supplier Item number and Supplier name fields come straight from the Item cards that you will have already setup.


In the example below I have grouped the items by Supplier.

I have also set a filter to only pickup stock where the Qty on hand is below Minimum.

This report can be set up to Auto email as an alert  if there is any stock below or approaching below min and all reports can also easily export to Excel to help with the Reorder process.


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.36.49 AM.png

Inventory Levels v What is selling

The above report is great for Items that are constantlly being replenished, however for many businesses it is also important to only reorder items that have been selling well and not just blindly keep reordering and then be over stocked.


Our Inventory reports can also combine what is on hand and on order with what has been selling over the past 6 weeks or monthly over the past 12 months (this can also help with seasonal stock that may vary by time of year).


See attached example run to Excel. Again you could filter to only pick up Items that are near or at their minimum level.


Flexible Sales reporting

If your client has over 10k in items then they will also benefit from Item Sales and margin reports that run by customer, by suppler, by salesperson, and by grouping Sales by Custom lists.  These are also included as standard reports including dashboards like our Cool Charts -


All details and a 14 day free trial are available on our website

Let me know if you would like to see  if it can help your client.


Jennifer Kelly CA
BI4Cloud- powered by Interactive Reporting
02 8011 1511

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