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MYOB Licence

I have purchased 5 licences but my accounting environment sees me using around 15-20 different file names associated with the 5 licenced names. The MYOB consultant tells me that any information that appears in a file after the name is ignored. My example is that I have constructed some files as follows for the various licenced business:

ABC Pty Ltd

ABC Pty Ltd (2010)

ABC Pty Ltd (2011)

ABC Pty Ltd (2012)


I now find that only one file is being activated and the remainder are being refused. How do I fix this problem, for each of the licenced businesses, so I can get on with the accounting and not have to spend useless time with MYOB on the phone?

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Re: MYOB Licence

Hi @InfornMe


I will leave for someone from MYOB who can check your licence(s) and clarify exactly what is happening. I can tell you however how things usually work in regards to MYOB licences and file Activation.


When you purchase a licence you are issued a serial number. Each licence (and therefore serial number) comes with a limited number of company files. Under some licences you get up to 5 company files, whereas under other licences you get only one. When you first Activate a new company file with that serial number, that file is issued a File ID (see under Help About). That File ID is the only identifying feature that is relevant (along with the serial number). Neither the company name nor the file name make any difference, nor are these recorded by MYOB.


Now say your licence allows for up to 5 company files. Once you have been issued 5 File ID's, this means you have activated and used up all the company files your licence allows. To Activate another company file, you must either purchase an additional company file under this same serial number, or de-activate one of the File ID's you are no longer using.


If you have 5 licences (5 different serial numbers) and each licence is entitled to 5 company files, you can in total have 25 company files Activated, with a maximum of 5 per serial number. So if you have tried to Activate a new company file using a particular serial number and it failed, this suggests this serial number has already 5 File ID's allocated to it. Try one of the other serial numbers. 


I suggest you open each of your company files and make a note of the serial number and File ID in each file. Then contact MYOB and go through each serial number to see how many File IDs have been issued. You may then identify which serial numbers you can use, or which File ID's you are no longer using and can be de-Activated.







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Re: MYOB Licence

Hi @InfornMe


Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum, I hope you find it a wealth of knowledge


I see that @gavin12345 has explained about the way activate works with serial number and company file IDs, so I'm not going to go into that any further. However, my post is merely to say looking at your account (serial number ending in 7110) we are showing it being licenced for up to 5 (different) company file IDs, of which 5 are active.


As Gavin has indicated, I would recommend going to Setup>>Company Information and Help>>About AccountRight to look into the serial numbers and company file IDs.

Kind Regards,
MYOB Client Support
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