Making corrections to entries from the bank reconciliation and deleting entries in bank register

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Making corrections to entries from the bank reconciliation and deleting entries in bank register

I'm the new volunteer treasurer at a non-profit where accounting entries are being made by volunteers with no prior experience in accounting or MYOB. While having an accounting background, I havent used MYOB before.


I completed my first bank reconciliation recently and noted in the reconciliation screen a number of unreconciled entries related to previous months that were already reconciled. When investigating these I found some of them are duplicate entries.


I selected an entry which took me to the bank register. There I selected the duplicate entry, right clicked on it and discovered that I could delete the entry, which I did and the entry no longer showed on the bank register.


However if I run a GL report, the duplicate entry which I just deleted still shows in the expense account to which it was allocated. How does this work? And how do I correct this now. Should I post a journal and if so, do I credit the expense and debit the bank account? If I do this what does this do to my bank reconcilation?


Also, I deleted a second entry, which was a grouped/split payment. The total of the payment was incorrect as it included a payment that should not exist, but the other entries in the split payment were correct. When I deleted this payment, I accidentally deleted the entire payment in the bank register, including the components that are correct. Per the above, the entries are still in the GL. How do I get the correct entries back into the Bank register without double posting them to the GL? 


Please indicate how I should best address the above, or please direct me to guidance material that covers the  above. 



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Re: Making corrections to entries from the bank reconciliation and deleting entries in bank register

Hi @Intrepidtreasur 


The first thing I would check is if a clearing account has been used. If so, the transaction in the Bank Register will be the payment only, not the invoice/receipt transactions.  A quick way to check is to go to Purchases Command Centre>>Prepare Electronic Payments. If you deleted the payment transaction your duplicates should be back in Prepare Electronic Payments. You can delete them by clicking on the blue zoom arrow to open the transaction and Edit>>Delete or right click delete.


The clearing account for Receive Money/Receive Payments is Undeposited Funds and you group these receipts by going to Banking Command Centre>>Prepare Bank Deposit.  Another handy tip is that when you have a transaction open, Ctrl + R will open the recap window which shows the GL accounts posted to. It helps when you can only find one side of a transaction.


I'll give you the links to help articles that should help -

Electronic payments 

Prepare bank deposit 


If you need any further help please don't hesitate to post. And good luck in your new role.




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