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Multiple Company Files

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Multiple Company Files

We require 3 separate company files. Two of the files need to be online and the third can remain offline. If we purchase an AccountRight Premier subscription I believe that this allows us to have 2 company files online. Is that correct? Can we also create the offline file with this subscription or do we have to have another separate subscription?

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Re: Multiple Company Files

Hi @sandra_p


Depending on what licence you have can depend on the answer. If you are looking to purchase a new licence, this can have different information than if you were looking at upgrading your licence to Premier.


I'm going to assume you do not have any MYOB files or licences and will be purchasing Premier from scratch, just let me know if this is not the case.


When purchasing Premier, by default this will give you a Licence for 2 Company Files that can work online or offline. This will be on what is known as a Subscription Licence. To use a 3 company file you will need to purchase an additional subscription for the extra file, (note that extra files have a lower cost than the initial subscription).


Subscription Licences by default allow you to use each file for the lifetime of your subscription, which can mean your company file needs and cost can grow or downsize depending on the need.



There is a possibility of purchasing a Perpetual Licence of Premier, this allows you to purchase the software and company files outright and have a subscription for the files you wish to have online (A Premier Subscription gives you 2 Subscriptions for those company files by default). Extra Company Files will have an upfront cost to extend your licence as well as any extra subscriptions for each file you're licenced to if you wish to add the extra file online or use the Online Services. In effect you own the Licence outright with a subscription being optional if you wish to use the Files with Online Services or receive Support from MYOB.


If you'd like to be quoted a price for either option, feel free to send me a Private Message with:

  • Your Name
  • Your Business Name
  • Your Email Address


I can then send through a quote for you. You can send me a Private Message by clicking this link: <link removed>


Hayden (Ex-Moderator)
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